The World is Loud and Here I Am. Making Noise.

There is so much information out there -quality information- about all the things that I’ve learned that I want to write about and talk about here in my own space. Sometimes I feel like adding my voice is totally unnecessary. That enough people are speaking, that enough information is out there. But then I see things in the news and documentaries like FED UP and I realize that maybe there is a need for my voice after all. Maybe there are people who will find this site and in it another piece of the puzzle they’re trying to assemble. A missing piece that can help them on their journey to being that glorious, miraculous being they were designed to be.

Admittedly I feel under qualified as a messenger. Not because I don’t know what I’m talking about, but because I still struggle with the application of so many things that I DO believe in. Recycling for instance. I toss yogurt and applesauce cups into the trash pretty much everyday because I’m lazy. There’s really no other reason. What can I say? Washing out plastic cups is low on my list. However, I WANT to be the woman that doesn’t even HAVE a plastic cup, because she made her OWN yogurt and her OWN applesauce and those mason jars are in the eco-friendly dishwasher, with expensive eco-friendly detergent baby. No plastic cups here. Carbon footprint? What? I don’t even have one of those.

But I’m not her. And I’m a really long ways off. REALLY long ways off.

BUT. I’ve planted the desire, right. One day it will fruit into effort. And then I’ll start to harvest all the good karma that must come with being so good. Right?


It’s a process.