Time is Skidding By

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted & it’s because I’ve been distracted. My women’s church group asked me to speak to them & I spent most my allotted time for this, preparing for that. I asked the group to give me their questions & they responded with so many great questions. The event was last week & it went well. They didn’t throw anything at me when I got real with them about sugar. So, that was a good sign. And it got me even more excited to begin podcasting. As much as I love writing, when it comes to this I really want to SPEAK.

This second half of October is going to be busy around here. We have 8 people crashing our house over the Halloween weekend. My parents, plus an aunt and a cousin, plus a couple friends and they’re kids. It’s going to be crazy, chaotic fun. We had 2 people here last week, so the guest room is clean & ready to go. Halloween costumes are almost complete. I’ve got some MAJOR sorting and de-cluttering to do this week in prep for a friend’s fundraiser garage sale. We’ve also got family pictures and parent teach conferences coming up this week, but -I am determined- I am going to record my first podcast. This week. It, obviously, won’t be ready for you to download until later, but first things first. Right?

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