The Excuses Trap

Guys. I’ve fallen into the Excuses Trap. I’ve been here before. Heck, I lived most of my twenties here, you’d think I’d recognize the place, but no. It seems to look different every time.

This time it looked a lot like: I have family in town. I’m too tired. I deserve this break. We don’t have countertops. There is no running water in my kitchen. I’m so tired. We have more family in town. We have friends in town. It’s Halloween. It’s not everyday, it’s just for today…

The thing about the Excuses Trap is that it’s tricky. Because sometimes the excuses are legit, they’re credible, authentic, necessary even and you have to do what you have to do… but all too often we use the legit excuse to prop up the flimsy, lame, lazy excuses that are easier to make. Or (like right now) there really is no solid, legit excuse. Just a lot of flimsy, lame, lazy excuses that I am making to hold myself back.

That’s the real crux of the matter, by the way. The question I should be digging into is why. Why am I holding myself back? What and where are my fears in this?

Because all month long I’ve been making excuses to myself about why I can’t do this, that, and the other.

Lately, TIRED is my main excuse. I bet I’ve used it 100 times in the last month. And sometimes it’s legit. Last night, for example. the baby woke me up at 2:00 and kept me up until 4:30. But also last night, and for the 10 nights before that, I’ve chosen to completely ignore all the things I know about both the importance of sleep and the best practices in obtaining a good night’s rest.

So, this afternoon when I wasn’t taking a nap, but trying to, I noticed how very cozy I’ve become down here in the Excuses Trap. What was a planned two-day dip (because I did deserve a break) turned into a nightly ritual of self-sabotage that has dominoed into everything else in my life.

Without sleep it’s so much easier to reach for the cheap, fast, processed foods. Without sleep it’s so much easier to say “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” Without sleep it’s so much easier to not do the laundry or the dishes or finish cleaning out the closets… an then suddenly I’m living in a messy house and I have 75 things that need done and I’m overwhelmed and TIRED.

So, friends, tonight I begin my journey out of the Excuses Trap. It’s going to hurt a little, but I am going to trust that the reward will (eventually) outweigh the struggle. Tonight I’ll begin (again) my bedtime routine, and it’ll be lights out at 10:00.

Wish me luck.

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