Konmari-ing My Bathroom 

A couple days ago I came across something on Pinterest that particularly caught my eye. It was a method of organizing your home based ultimately on the question “Does it spark joy?” If yes, you keep the item. If no, you discard it. I followed the link and then another and another and then I spent an entire nap time & half an evening reading about The Konmari Method created by Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who wrote a book that many a blogger has declared “Life changing.”

I haven’t read the book. I probably will at some point, but I felt like I’d read enough reviews to get the general gist of things & today I tackled my bathroom. 

(According to her I should begin with clothing, but I wasn’t ready for that.)

I was ready to de-junk my bathroom. I lugged every last lotion bottle & Q-tip out & onto my kitchen table. The laundry basket & brown bin are FULL of stuff. 

The task seemed intimidating. And I was tempted to procrastinate until I could actually read the book & find out what I’m supposed to do with things that don’t spark joy, but that I technically need. Like contact solution and tampons. 

In the spirit of the book, I decided to allow them to become objects of gratitude. After all, contact solution is important for my ability to see clearly and tampons are part of life as a woman, and I do love being a woman. I seems I can find reasons to be grateful for everything. Gratitude is kindle for joy to spark, so perhaps someday I’ll see contact solution and feel joy. That seems like the groundwork for a pretty fantastic life, right?

I made a few extra rules for myself like: if I haven’t used it in ages, it needed to go. If it was broken, it needed to go. If I know I’ll never use it again, it needed to go. If I had more than I needed, the extras needed to go. 

I started with the things that were simply misplaced, like the thermometer.

Then I sorted out Hubs things. He didn’t want me tossing anything that he needs. 

Then I sorted through the things I need, that don’t necessarily spark joy.

I saved all the “spark joy” things for last. Like nail polish & makeup. 

In the end I had filled to max capacity a full-sized trash can & found I had plenty of room in the drawers & shelves to arrange things so I could see them. 



So, then I was feeling pretty good about everything and decided to tackle the closet. 

I’m still working on that. 

But there is something freeing about this. I think I like it. 


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