I’m a woman on a mission.

My message (in a teeny, tiny nutshell) is this: You Can Choose Health.

I know that this idea immediately becomes problematic for a lot of people. I know that my statement might have you sharpening your verbal knives so to speak. And I get that. I don’t mean to inflict pain or hurt on anyone, especially those who are already in pain and hurting.

Here are some truths I’ve collected over my years of life and study and observation.

  • Your worth is infinite. It is eternal. It is inherent. Nothing can change that. Nothing.
  • Our bodies are gifts from God. They are divinely made. They have their own intelligence.
  • They’re also mortal, and sometimes that makes life hard.
  • Our spirits and bodies are two sides of the same coin. Healing one can help heal the other.
  • Our thoughts and words are probably the only thing in life we have 100% control over. They are incredibly powerful. They are the building blocks of what we create in our lives.
  • We make hundreds -if not thousands- of choices everyday. Those small, simple, and seemingly insignificant choices, determine everything.

If anything I’ve said has resonated with you, feel free to join me on my mission. Read. Listen. Learn. Share. Whatever you need.