Redefining HEALTHY.

It happened again. I saw another one of these: I hate these. HATE them. Hate is strong word, and not one I ever toss out lightly, but it applies here and I have to get these feelings off my chest, because this is important to me. This type of thing riles me up in a … More Redefining HEALTHY.

The Excuses Trap

Guys. I’ve fallen into the Excuses Trap. I’ve been here before. Heck, I lived most of my twenties here, you’d think I’d recognize the place, but no. It seems to look different every time. This time it looked a lot like: I have family in town. I’m too tired. I deserve this break. We don’t … More The Excuses Trap

Time is Skidding By

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted & it’s because I’ve been distracted. My women’s church group asked me to speak to them & I spent most my allotted time for this, preparing for that. I asked the group to give me their questions & they responded with so many great questions. The event … More Time is Skidding By

On Desire

I’ve always admired truly athletic people, runners especially. While I didn’t understand the desire to run, I wanted to. I really wanted to get whatever it was in a person that made them say to themselves, I’m going to run a 5K, 10K, half-full-marathon and then do it. My Hubs is one of these people. … More On Desire

Snacking is My Favorite

I don’t do this normally, but if you’re trying to watch what you eat pre-planning, pre-prepping and pre-portioning your snacks can be extremely helpful. A list of things I really love to snack on. apples bananas oranges grapes avocados peaches pears pineapples pickles (just kidding. I was on a roll with the alliteration thing.) watermelon pretty … More Snacking is My Favorite